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If you are a part of an upstart band that has yet to see breakout popularity, then cd sleeves will come in handy to promote your fledgling band and its music. Of course, if you have the backing of a major label and all the money that comes with that, you don’t need to worry about self-promotion. However, the majority of bands are not signed to major labels, so it is a good bet that you will have to rely on self-promotion to get the word out about your band’s music. You need to make your CDs as nice as possible. Disc printing and sleeves go a long way to making you look more professiona.

CD sleeves do more than simply offer protection to CDs. They are an ideal way of transporting and carrying your band’s songs around so that you can present them to whomever you think matters. CD jacket printing shops abound, so it should be no problem for you to find a place that can print off however many sleeves and jackets you need. In fact, these days, you can even get decent CD jacket printing done online from a great many websites. If you want to mail your CDs and song samples to interested parties, having a CD sleeve will provide the protection you need to send them away with peace of mind. provides Printed CD sleeves-Check Here.

Being in an upstart band can be somewhat daunting because you may wonder how you will ever get exposure, popularity and start making some real money. As with all ventures, you have to start small, which is why self-promotion through the use of CD sleeves to distribute your band’s music is ideal. Self-promotion can come in many forms. For example, if you and your band have just finished playing a show, you may want to hand out free copies of your band’s music to all those people who came to see you play. provides CD Duplication-Check Here