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Do you have need to create your own discs but want to make them look their best? Do you need a safe way to store your favorite pictures? It's easy to find the right cd sleeve, cd mailer, or cd jewel case inserts to finish the job. It's not always that easy to find the best supplier that stands behind their product. Do a search on cd sleeves and you will find hundreds of thousands of pages that refer to that term. There are page after page of companies that will sell you cd sleeves, cd mailers, photo mailers, and general cd storage products. Buskerdoo LLC supplies our cd sleeves (

Most cd sleeves, cd paper sleeves, and photo mailers these days are made of high quality white paper and paperboard and are designed to protect your CDs. But, if you aren’t careful, you could end up buying product that is created with inferior wood pulp. Just make sure to buy from a company that has been around awhile and that stands by their product. I’ve seen a lot of information on sleevetown and buskerdoo. They seem to not only sell cd and dvd related products but they also know the products. They aren’t just out selling junk they have articles and information on the best ways to store cd and dvd media. They also tend to have good pricing.

I’ve also looked at some of the “best buy” places and ebay. One can find some outstanding pricing on anything from blank media to cd tray inserts but at times I’ve heard the service is not so great. I personally think a lot of this type of stuff is stolen and resold on ebay. Well, that’s not true if it’s a company that has a website. They are generally using ebay as a clearance rack to move their inventory.

What ever you do, use cd sleeves or cd mailer to enhance your project and keep your product safe.

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