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So your done creating your discs and you want to put them in something better than a plain white sleeve. It used to be difficult and expensive but now it's easy and really doesn't cost that much either. CD sleeve printing is a must to complete the job.

Most low run printing for cd sleeves and jackets are done on high quality digital presses. Runs as low as 100 pieces are possible although there still are not a lot of vendors offering that service. I’ve had several projects done in the 100-500 quantity. The sleeves were great. In fact, the whole package looked really professional.

I’ve tried to print my own sleeves using heavy stock and a color printer. I got easier when I started using a laser printer but not easy enough. After calculating my time and the ink costs it was actually cheaper to go pay someone $150 for 100 sleeves. I send them a file, wait about 9 days, and bam, I have printed sleeves that look they came out of a record store.
Make sure to enhance your next project using printed cd jackets and sleeve to enhance your project.
I used to recommend a couple vendors but in the last year I only deal with Buskerdoo LLC. Their service and price can’t be beat.