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CD Duplication for Small Bands

Bands, you have to let your presence be known in the world. Do you shout it from the mountain tops? Adn easier way is to sell or give away your CD. In past, you'd have to produce about a thousand but now you can duplicate a hundred at a time, or one for that matter. Developments in technology have made cd duplication much easier to what it was in the recent past. Today, a band can produce only one hundred printed sleeves and CDs if that is all that is needed.

The item which makes this low volume cd duplication easy to do is the CD-R or compact disc recordable media. This type of media is inexpensive even at low quantities and is an ideal choice for your small band with it just starting out in the competitive music industry. This cd duplication eliminates the cost of glass masters, molds and CDs being pressed. With this technology, replicating CDs can be done one disc at a time.

The band just needs to provide a master CD-R of their work to make small, high-quality runs of their music. Many companies offer professional services quite affordably for mastering an audio CD. If the band can afford it, it needs to spend the money for some top-quality recording and sound mixing gear. The band needs the best master for its CDs as it can afford.

The duplication part involves the use of reliable industrial CD-duplication equipment which extracts and copies the Master and then checks the CDs for errors. It is an automated process, after which the CDs are ready to be printed. Many facilities have the ability to print full color art direct on the CDs.

It's important to have your artwork ready and in the correct format for the duplication facility. If the CD is awaiting the artwork, the whole process is at a standstill until the artwork is completed. A defected master disc is another cause for delaying the process. It's important that every band sends a high quality and error-free master CD for ideal results.

Small volume cd duplication can be done at home with a replicator and a CD printer for high quality images. Usually, a professional can to perform the task for less than doing it at home. Though the process is much the same as burning a CD-R on your PC drive, professionals use fast machinery to copy CDs on a larger scale, thus making it more cost-effective. They also buy blank media in high volume and get it at a fraction of the cost your pay at a store.

A small band should get professional help when it is looking to record and release a CD. With help you'll avoid the stupid mistakes bands have made making CDs. Searching online is an effective way to locate companies that provide cd duplication for affordable prices. A professional can handle all of the mastering, the printing and the packaging work of the CDs. This way the band gets the best quality of CDs delivered to it. This allows the band the time needed to create great music and leaves the CD replication to the professional for making the CD of its dream come to fruition.

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