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Helpful Tips for Buying a CD Duplicator

Are you looking for CD or DVD duplication equipment? You probably want to find a fast model. Duplicated CDs are not created instantaneously; can take minutes or hours depending on your equipment. Speed variances occur based on your disc type and duplicator speed. The number of target drives effects duplication speed; many base units have four drives, which would be slower than an eight drive system. For more speed, spend more money on more drives. What you should be concerned with is better quality duplication of both CD and DVD (if required), fast writing times, and fewer duplication errors. Some of this is dependent on the duplicator and some is dependent on quality of blank cd and blank dvd media used.

It's pretty easy to use Google search to compare CD duplicators and blank media. You need to look for a duplicator capable of writing CD-R discs at 48x and DVD-R at 24x speeds. ARe you going to be creating more CD or DVD? Heavy duty duplicators are extremely fast and write multiple discs at one time. You can expect to pay significantly more for these units, but they are worth every penny.

Modern CD duplicators have many extra features; the option to test including compare and copy your media before copying to multiple discs. You can also use the duplicator to mix audio tracks, which means any last minute changes are a breeze to complete. Once the machine is fully set up, you can walk away and return to collect your discs later.

If you are looking to duplicate more than CD-R discs it is a good idea to pay close attention to a duplicators supported media types. For example, a good unit will provide support for VCD, ISRC and CD+G, which makes it easier for you to create media in a broader variety of formats, and duplicate your CD-R discs.

CD/DVD duplication equipment deserves a fair amount of research. Which unit you finally purchase will depend a lot on your needs and the size of your business. Along with a great duplicator you also want to focus on finding the best quality CD-R and DVD-R discs, why spend all that time and money only to wind up with a poor copy because of the discs? Moreover, many of your media discs are likely bound for clients or potentials, so spending a little money now could make you a whole lot more money later.