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How many of us have compact discs put away in perfect rows of jewel cases? Yeah right. If you’re anything like me, you have discs in sleeves, discs in broken jewel cases, discs in fancy space saving boxes, and discs stacked on top of each other sitting in a drawer of your desk.

Proper CD Storage
You don't want to loss those important pictures you have stored? Learn a few cd storage tips to keep your data safe for as long as possible.

Have you ever wondered just how many different types of cd storage exist. Most of us know the familiar and obvious cd storage methods: CD jewel cases, paper sleeves, cardboard sleeves, plastic sleeves, the plastic movie boxes, and then all of the fancey cd storage cases designed to safely store your discs in a scratch free environment. So, what do you do with all of your discs? What is the best storage method?

The correct CD storage solution is probably different for different peoples depending on their needs. Many factors influence storage methods including: how many CDs you own, where you will to store them, how much space do you have, how long you will store the cd, and how often will you use the discs.

Some popular cd storage methods.

Paper CD Sleeves
Thin, space savers that are very inexpensive.

Paperboard CD Sleeves
Inexpensive space savers that offer a little more protection that paper sleeves.

CD Jewel Cases
Easy to use, easy to stack with a lot of protection for your discs.

Plastic CD Sleeves
Thin, space savers that are very inexpensive.

Tyvek CD Sleeves
Thin, space savers that usually recommended for long term storage.

Three Ring Binders
Hold a lot of CDs in a small space and may keep out dust.

CD Spindles
They hold a lot of CDs in a small space and are cheap and easy.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cd storage.