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Over the years we've managed to "play" with a lot of different types of CD software. It started out over a decade ago with software that would create an IS0 disc. Things have come along way since then. Now we read about "ripping" CD to MP3 and other fun stuff. There is software out there to take your DVD and put it on your computer hard drive too. The following articles discuss some of the software available on the market.

CD Ripper Software
CD ripper software opens up a whole new world of opportunities in how you listen to music. With CD ripper software, you can take audio CD tracks and place them into audio files on your computer. These audio tracks can be saved as WAV, MP3, OGG, or WMA audio files. The term "ripping" is used to describe this process...

There is also an abundance of great software available to create printed cd's, printed cd labels, and printed cd case labels all on your home printer.