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When was the last time you picked up one of your favorite cds and put it in the player only to have it eject un-playable or get stuck. Yesterday? Today? If you are like me and have kids, it happens a lot. Scratches, finger prints, peanut butter smears. It all happens to discs. What do you do?

Call scratch busters-213-455….not really, well maybe. Sometimes the only thing left to do is to pray you have a back-up, throw the disc away, and move on with life. But, there is a lot that can happen before you get to that extreme. There are even services available that, for a small fee, will repair your disc. You can mail these services your scratched discs, they do their cd repair thing, and mail it back good as new.

Other methods of cd repair include home repair kits, buffing the discs with everything from mild abrasives to peanut butter. Unbelievable as it might seem, people really have tried to fix scratched, peanut butter smeared, compact discs with peanut butter. More on that latter. Wait, before you move on; don’t try any abrasives on your discs without doing a lot of research. It’s pretty controversial.

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BTW-My favorite and tried and true method of cleaning a disc is to run water on it and rub a tiny drop of dish washer liquid over the disc. Only rub from the inside out and never in a circle. Dry the disc and give it a try. The reason this works is because typically discs are unreadable due to finger prints, not scratches.

I's also a great idea to store your discs in a protective cd sleeve or in a jewel case. Many people create an archive that has printed jewel case inserts so they know exactly what is what. Looks good and keeps the discs safe too. Preventive maintence for discs.