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I see the kids are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while they sort through the CD collection again. With several kids in the house it seems that every time I go to listen to a CD or watch a DVD I have to take some time to clean the disc. I've been working with CD and DVD media for over a decade so I have a few ideas on the best methods for cleaning discs. Here are some of my favorite methods and some that I wouldn't suggest.

  • Use a small drop of dishwasher fluid and some water. The dishwasher fluid cuts through the greasy finger prints that are the most common cause of problem. Most people will tell you to mix the dishwasher fluid and water together but I normally just put a small drop on the CD and then run some water on the CD. I use my finger and wipe the CD from the inside hole to the outside of the disc. Never rub in a circular motion and hold the disc by the edges and the center hole. Because DVD’s are two discs bonded together, you may not want to run water over them. I’ve done it time and time again with no problem but I also spend a lot of time making sure the discs are completely dry.
  • Use a very soft cloth or anti-static cloth and again wipe from the inside to the outside of the disc. The cloth used to clean eye glasses works great. I’ve also used toilet paper with success.
  • Use a commercial CD cleaning solution and a very soft cloth. Follow the instructions carefully. Or, you can make your own CD cleaning solution.
  • Don’t use alcohol, cleansers, ammonia, or other such household cleaners. They make create a reaction with the plastic or the metal in the CD or DVD.

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