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CD Cleaning Solution

If you search the internet for CD cleaning you are going to find several methods from experts and non-experts alike. Some will tell you the simplest methods will cause damage to your discs, some will just give you crazy methods that probably won't work, and others will give you commercial solutions that will work but don't need to be bought. I worked in a lab in the compact disc business when people hadn't even heard the term CD-ROM and DVD was not even invented. Here, as simple as it may be, is our favorite solution for cleaning discs.

  • Mix a water with a small drop of dishwasher fluid.
  • Using a soft cloth, wash the disc with the soap and water mixture. Start from the inside hub and wipe to the outside edge of the disc. Never rub hard or in a circular motion.
  • Completly dry the disc.

You are now ready to enjoy a skip free disc.

Why does this solution work? My experience is that most playability problems are caused by finger prints. Finger prints are oil based and the dishwasher detergent is designed to cut through and remove oil. If this method doesn’t work, you probably have a disc with sever scratch or even a scratch on the label side of the disc. Scratched discs can sometimes be repaired with CD scratch removal solutions or CD repair services.