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Making the Most of Printed Discs

There are a number of ways to put artwork/printing on the face of your cd and dvd recordables:

-Felt Tip Marker
-Paper Labels
-Inkjet Print on printable cdr/dvdrs

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish and who you are sending the disk to should be your guide to which is the best way for you to "label" your recordable disks.

If you are working on a disk that is going to be used internally and not viewed by someone you are trying to impress, the felt tip marker is probably your best bet.

If you are sending the disk to anyone else, having the disk look professional and representative of your company/organization is important. If the outside of the disk looks like one of your children/grandchildren did the printing, maybe the data inside will get the same response.

If you want a professional multi color look to your disk and unless you have an expensive thermal printer to print to your disks, you are left with 2 options: paper labels you print on or silkscreening.

Option #1 - Paper Labels - Inkjet or laser printed labels can be a solution to multi color artwork on cds. On dvds they can be a nightmare! -Advantages - you can do as few labels as you need and they can be printed multi color on your existing printer

-Disadvantages - The balance on a dvd is critical. If the label is off center, even slightly, it can affect the performance of a dvd. Labels can be difficult to apply. They are expensive to print.

Option #2 - Silkscreening - You can silkscreen up to 5 colors on a blank disk. It is the same process used to do high volume disk printing of music, software or movie disks, and the disks look the same as a cd/dvd rom. -Advantages - The disks arrive ready to copy and send out. They look professional. The same artwork can be used on future runs eliminating the need for new films and screens. Silkscreened disks with your company logo can provide security of company data (if the blank disks are from Office Max anyone can buy them).

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