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In this competitive environment itís important to make your projects look complete and profession with CD-R and CD printing. But, not every project requires the same level of print quality. If you just plan to store discs in a box, marking on them with a Sharpie might be the way to go. If you plan to send your latest hit out in hopes of getting a contract or some radio time, you need to make the CD label look its best.

More CD Information

Most printed CDs that are bought from mass replicators are screen printed. Some over seas plants primarily use offset printing. CD-R discs that are labeled by a duplicator or labeled at home are printed with some sort of CD printer including ink jet printing and thermal printing, or printed with stick on labels. There are pros and cons to all methods used whether it is price, quality, or time to finish your project.

Mass manufactured discs are normally very economical when you are producing five hundred or more discs. These discs are always priced with one to four color printing. Duplicated discs are normally economical in small quantities. Direct printing methods have improved drastically in the last several year and prices on printable CD-R media is now quite low. Ink jet printing on CD-R can have problems with water due to water soluble inks and the cost per disc can be high because of the cost of the ink and the time it takes to print. Paper labels are also a great alternative because they are easy to use and the process is pretty fast.

We included a few articles from some people that work with CD media and labeling everyday.

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