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CD’s come packed in a variety of ways from a plain white sleeve to elaborate foil stamped boxes. What is the best packaging for a particular cd project? What are the various types of cd packaging? What are the costs? How difficult are the packages to use? What other considerations should be made when determining packaging?

There are many cd packaging alternatives and the right solution depends on many factors including the number of cds you have, where they will be displayed, how they will be shipped, and how will they be stored. You won’t want to package a new video game the same way you pack finance software. You also won’t package the newest wizbang software the same as a software update that mails out every month.

Your choices really are broad. You can go the standard path of using the traditional cd jewel case or you can go the exotic. We’ve seen discs packing in tin cans, under soda lids, in plastic bags in cereal boxes. Take a look at the many different ways AOL has packed their free trial offer cds.

The following packaging articles were selected to help with the important decisions to be made when it comes to media, specifically cd, packaging.

- Types of CD Packaging
- Packaging Tips
- CD Jewel Cases
- Buying CD Jewel Case Inserts
- Printing Your Own CD Tray Inserts