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Welcome to CD Aces. Our goal is to provide basic to intermediate information on the compact disc industry and the compact disc technology.

CD Labels
Information about CD Labels and labeling including articles on the pros and cons of using paper labels.

CD Packaging
CD’s come packed in a variety of ways from a plain white sleeve to elaborate foil stamped boxes. What is the best packaging for a particular cd project?

CD Repair
Scratches, finger prints, peanut butter smears. It all happens to discs. What do you do? Learn more about CD Repair.

CD Software
Articles discuss some of the CD software, including CD Ripping, on the market.

Who are we?

We are a group of guys that have been involved in the compact disc industry for over fifteen years. Yep, we were around when discs were still very expensive and much harder to make. The business has come a long way over the years but the basic technology hasn’t really changed that much since Philips NV and Sony collaborated to make a working product. CD drives are faster, Re-writable discs are available, but the core technology is still the same.

New articles:

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What we do?

A little bit of everything. We are involved in the technical aspects of compact discs, dvd technology, and printing cd/dvd sleeves. We are involved in the business aspects and in packaging and marketing issues. This site is just a side venture, a hobby really, to distribute answers to questions we seem to answer again and again.

We hope you find an answer to your technical questions, historical questions, or general cd industry questions. We believe that all of the information is accurate and representative of the discussed topic. We post articles from guest writers and can’t always verify their information. If you have any suggestions or corrections please e-mail us.

For information and resources not necessarily available on CD Aces, try our CD/DVD Resources idex.